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The Mission of Misericordia is to provide a continuum of care and support for children and adults of all faiths and cultures who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. We provide the highest quality of care designed to meet each person’s changing needs and maximize his/her independence, self-determination, interpersonal relationships, and engagement in the community. The mission extends beyond the residents as we offer peace of mind to families. Through Catholic values and traditions we strive to be a diverse and inclusive community of acceptance, respect, dignity, spirituality, and quality of life for us all.

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Episode #28

Watch host Shelby and contestants Terry, Patty and Michael answer fun trivia questions!!

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Episode #26

Play along with Heather, Francesca and Lynn as host Scott tests your Valentines knowledge!

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Episode #24

Enjoy our 2023 Special Holiday Episode as host Tim quizzes Heather and Andy!!!!
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Episode #22

Play along with Heather, Andy, and Scott and see how many great trivia questions you can correctly answer from Host Andy C!

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Episode #20

Watch host Christopher quiz Sherry and Bill with some challenging questions!
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Episode #17

See how many questions you can answer along with Scott and Chistopher. Hosted by Andy!!!

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Episode #14

Do you know who sings “Oops I did it again”? Watch and play along with host Maxwell and contestants Patty and Shelby from the great city of Chicago!

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Episode #12

Play along with The President (Christopher), The Mayor (Terry) and DJ Andy from Misericordia in Chicago

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Episode #11

Play along with Andy, Patty and Bill and find out what is the most popular Halloween song and Michael Jordan’s nickname!!!

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Episode #10

Chicagoins John and Shelby have a blast answering Baseball and Football questions! Also, we get a great knock, knock joke from Shelby.

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Episode #9

Carlos and Josh go head to head in this special 2 player episode. Do they both get perfect scores? This is a fun one with a surprise ending!!!!
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Episode #6

Three good friends have a blast playing Pat Barney’s Quiz. Watch and see how many trivia questions you can answer.

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