The PB Network Program​

The PB Network provides meaningful daily activities for Day Program participants, Residences, and individuals to participate in community involvement, gaining confidence, working with others, sharing ideas, developing verbal, and writing skills and having fun!

The PB Network team works with Day Programs and Residences to create meaningful daily activities including teaching how to create a TV Game show, individual quiz games, write and produce stories, and how to post thoughts, pictures exclusively to our community.

The PB Network does all the editing of TV Shows, Quiz Games, Video Stories, and monitors the community posts. The PB Network also posts all content on the site and offers an individual website for each Day Program or Residence. We also offer 24/7 support if the instructor has a question or idea.

All shows and quiz games are done over zoom. Everyone is encouraged to participate. The PB Network is all inclusive. Verbal, Non-Verbal and where one is on the spectrum, The PB Network has something for everyone.