Heather’s story about her job at Misericordia’s Green House Inn.

Heather Bakery

Hi, my name is Heather and I work at Misericordia’s Green House Inn restaurant. I help the customers. I give them the menu and tell them the special of the day. I pour and bring them pop, lemonade, root beer, Sierra Mist, cappuccino or hot chocolate. I serve them their food. Sometimes I am asked what is the dessert. I bring them their bill. After they are done eating, I put the dishes to be washed. I check the plates to make sure they don’t have spots on them. I help put the washed dishes away. I clean the table. I set the table and put the number on the drink ticket for next customer. I clean the salt and pepper shakers. I fill up the sugar and put ketchup and mustard on the table. I fill the water pitchers.

One Sunday a month, I work during Brunch 9:30-2:30. Same routine. I have lunch there. I see my friends. My boss gives me 1 cookie. I am a very hard worker.

My favorite thing to eat at The Green House Inn is hot dogs and cheeseburgers with French fries, coleslaw, and sometimes pickles. I also like their quesadilla and chicken sandwich. I love all their desserts. Some of their desserts are cake, brownies, cookies, and banana bread.

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