“Bobby’s Cub’ Marquee Sign”

Hello my name is Bobby and I really enjoy sports like going to Major and Minor league baseball games. What made me think of this was when I went to Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory with my dad and younger sister. We went on a tour and they showed us how to make professional baseball bats inside the Museum. I went into the batting cage and used a replica of Jackie Robinson baseball bat and I also got a custom bat with my name engraved on it and it is colored gold.


At New Trier High School I was also in Wood and Metal working and made an baseball bat, skateboard, lots of pens, and a cutting board. I’m a big Cubs lover. This is also my first time being part of the Artist In All. I can’t wait to make more paintings, I also did a lot of painting with my dad when I was younger and drew a lot too.


Maybe next year I will paint a picture of Rocky, Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Bobby Flay, Amaury Guichon, Babe Ruth, or Jackie Robinson.


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