Lake Michigan Chicago, By Scott S.

SS artist in all piece

My name is Scott and I made a painting called Lake Michigan Chicago.

In this painting there is a yellow sun and then the color of the sky is light blue with white clouds. I colored the buildings black with light blue and gray windows. I learned that The Bean is made from liquid mercury and looks like a mirror. Crown Fountain has digital faces that spray water out of their mouth. The parking lot has 2 different color cars. At Buckingham Fountain, there is water on the fountain and the color of the water is blue. There are 2 ships and one boat on the lake and the lake color is dark blue. In the bottom of the lake there is a stand called the Navy Pier Park and it has a tent and next to the Navy Pier stand there is a Ferris wheel. And the color of the Ferris wheel is a white wheel and the seat color is red. My painting will be at the Artist in All this year at the Art of Institute in Chicago in the modern wing. That’s the end of my Painting.

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