Krissy’s Movie Review of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

Today I went and saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 with my friends from Creative Steps at the AMC Theatre in Marina Del Rey.

The movie is about a whole family going to Greece on an airplane to attend a family reunion. Their Dad’s last wishes was for his daughter to take his journal to his three friends in Greece.

There are many funny moments throughout the movie including:

On the first night of their family reunion vacation everyone had to share the same room. In the morning someone left the door open, and a goat walked in and scared the aunt.

The granddaughter went skinny dipping in a lake, thinking she was alone, but to her surprise, the whole family was there!

Throughout most of the movie, the daughter kept seeing a handsome man looking at her at various places in Greece. Then one night at dinner with the whole family, the handsome man comes up to the table and they all find out it’s her brother!

Turns out the brother’s son is getting married, and the reunion turns into a wedding celebration! At the wedding, they find their dad’s three friends and deliver the journal!

At the end of the movie the Granddaughter was kissing the guy her grandma was setting her up with throughout the movie!

It’s my feeling there’s going to be a Big Fat Greek Wedding 4!

This movie was very funny, and I recommend every to see!!!

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