Krissy’s and Trent’s Movie Review

Krissy and Trent are good friends. Recently, they went to see the movie at the Century City AMC. There was an accident on Pacific Coast Highway, but Krissy made it on time.

Trent picked the movie Blue Beetle. Krissy ordered Chicken McNuggets and had to wait 45 minutes for her food. Then they went and got their seats near the front of the theatre. It wasn’t that crowded.

There was a horror movie preview which we didn’t like. The movie Blue Beetle starts. Blue Beetle is about Jaime from a poor neighborhood. Jaime works as a cleaner at a fancy house. Jenny, who is trying to help Jaime, gives him a stolen box containing secrets. Jenny tells Jaime not to open the box! Jaime takes the box home and tells his family not to open the box. Jaime’s sister opens the box. Suddenly, the Khaji-Da appears and enters Jaime body making Jaime and Khaji-Da as one. The Blue Beetle.

Together they try to stop Victoria Kord from creating an army of super soldiers from taking over the world. The Blue Beetle has a fight with Conrad Carapax and eventually convinces him to come to their side to defeat Victoria Kord.

After Jaimie and Khaji-Da defeat Victoria Conrad, they decide to remain as one and become The Blue Beetle protecting the world from harm!

Overall, we liked the movie, not so much the scary parts, but it was very funny at the end!

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